Business Principles

Each company ( "Fauji Company" ) in which Fauji Foundation ( "Fauji" ) has an interest shall clearly define its vision, mission and objectives.

All steps shall be taken to ensure that a Fauji Company complies with the definition of its vision, mission and objectives.

Each Fauji Company shall ensure the principle of "Unity in Management" i.e. there shall be no duplication of management functions and roles.

Each Fauji Company shall ensure "Economy of Effort" i.e., the greatest benefit with most economic input of effort.

A Fauji Company shall ensure compliance with all relevant, laws, rules and regulations as may be applicable.

All employees of Fauji Companies shall be employed on such terms and treated in such manner that shall engender loyalty and enhance receptivity.

The authority of the board of directors and management of each Fauji Company shall be delineated and the authority and responsibility of each shall be enforced.

Absolute transparency shall be ensured in all intra company transactions involving a Fauji Company particularly where so required by corporate laws and norms.

Each Fauji Company shall ensure arms' length in dealing with any party (including affiliate, subsidiary or any other related party) director or senior management with respect to transactions in which there is or likely to be a conflict of interest.

Fauji shall ensure that each of its partners in any Fauji Company (whether under an agreement or otherwise) shall comply with the requirements of the above para.

Each Fauji Company shall ensure that there is a declaration of a conflict of interest by any shareholder of a Fauji Company, or a director or senior management of a Fauji Company as soon as such conflict becomes apparent.

The principle of 'Never seek a favour, nor give a quarter' shall be observed.

Country, duty, company, honour are guiding principles and priorities in the order in which they appear when determining individual or collective conduct.